Researchers in the School of Science and Technology have begun an exciting collaboration with URBNSURF to optimise competitive preparation in surfers and to explore how decisions are made. 

This is a unique study in a sport where athletes spend time both in and on the water. Surfing is one of Australia’s highest participation sports and one in which we excel in international competition.

“Competitive day preparations are pivotal in athletes harvesting their training, skills and talent into a deserved outcome. This study focuses on understanding how this may look in surfing, and also the physiology linking to how rapid decisions may be made,” says Professor Christian Cook, who is one of leaders of the study.

Co-leader, Dr Ben Serpell, says given the popularity of surfing as a recreational sport, understanding the nature and needs of warm-up also offers better resilience to injury and better enjoyment of surfing.

“Decision making is fundamental to all areas of human pursuit, and taking steps in understanding the physiology is ground breaking”. 

The study will extend over several months to examine both physical, mental, decision making and coaching elements of preparation.

We’ll have more on this exciting project in the coming months.