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QUT is inviting staff to participate in a national survey that examines how AI tools are currently being used by academic, professional and sessional staff in Australian Universities for teaching, research and professional work. 

You can access the survey here. It takes around 10-15 minutes to complete. Even if you do not use AI tools at all, your views on AI are still valuable.  

Confidentiality of Responses

Responses to the survey can only be accessed by the research team. Personal, identifying information is not captured in any response and no traceable information is collected via the server or survey tool. 

All Australian universities are being invited to participate in the research. Confidential results will be made available to participating universities and on request, may be benchmarked against other comparable universities which will be anonymised. Universities will not be able to identify any individual staff member participating in the survey. No universities will be identified in aggregate level reporting.

Project Aims

The project aims to provide baseline evidence of the extent and nature of AI adoption by Australian University staff, including the impact of AI on productivity in the higher education context. 

Survey questions ask about AI-driven practices in specific domains, including assessment, learning analytics, coding, course design, student support, data analysis and visualisation, text summarisation, and collaboration and networking. 

The findings will inform higher education policy and practice, assist university staff to navigate the AI revolution effectively, and bridge the knowledge gap that currently exists regarding AI’s impact on higher education.   

The research team

The survey has been designed by social scientists from QUT and Griffith University. Together, they have longstanding expertise in the intersections of technology, work and education; inclusive education; ethics and integrity; quality supervision and mentoring; and survey design and analysis. 

If you have any questions or need further information please contact a member of the research team:

[QUT Ethics Approval Number LR 2024-8204-17489]