The UNE Armidale campus was abuzz with action last weekend as over 600 parents attended Robb College and St Alberts College annual Parents Weekend – a showcase of sport, cultural and charity events. 

Activities  kicked off with a spirited hockey game on Friday afternoon, followed by student-led art and charity.

Saturday morning featured multiple netball games and a BBQ breakfast, providing a relaxed atmosphere for families and students to shine. The highlight of the weekend was the Saturday afternoon rugby games at Bellevue Oval, where participants displayed skill and sportsmanship across all grades.

In the evening, the two Colleges hosted separate parent balls; an elegant finale to a busy weekend. The event’s success underscored the dedication of UNE’s students and staff as well as highlighting the Residential System’s hospitality. Such gatherings not only play a crucial role in strengthening community ties within UNE’s residential colleges but also enrich the broader Armidale community.