UNE is gearing up to participate in the upcoming Tour de Rocks event, an initiative of the UNE Healthy Campus program adopted in 2024 to foster healthier lifestyles among its students and staff.

Team UNE, comprising enthusiastic cyclists from various departments and backgrounds, will take on the challenging annual ride from Armidale to Woolgoolga from 18 to 20 April. The meandering, 263km long route is is known for its beautiful scenery and steep climbs –  a whopping 1882m on day one. Tour de Rocks offers participants an opportunity to not only test their physical endurance but also to bond with fellow riders and support cancer research and cancer services.

Matt Pine, Sports Manager at SportUNE and team organiser, said he is very excited about Team UNE’s participation in the Tour de Rocks. “We believe that promoting physical activity is crucial for maintaining a healthy campus environment. Events like the Tour de Rocks not only encourage our community members to stay active but also provide an opportunity for them to come together and support each other,” he said.

The Tour de Rocks, one of the region’s biggest charity events, attracts participants from across the New England North West. With its picturesque routes and challenging terrain, the event promises to be both exhilarating and rewarding for Team UNE.

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The UNE Healthy Campus program, launched earlier this year, aims to promote physical, mental, social well-being, and healthy lifestyle choices among the university community. By participating in events like the Tour de Rocks, UNE seeks to encourage a culture of wellness and camaraderie on campus.