Staff from Student Systems and the Graduate Research School have introduced new functionality in Callista resulting in improved efficiency to UNE’s student management system.

OnePHD streamlines Government reporting through the Tertiary Collection of Student Information (TCSI) by using unit sets to capture the Field of Education (FOE) related to students’ research. 

Traditionally, configuring systems to accommodate various FOE codes were a complex and time-consuming task, often requiring the creation of numerous PhD course codes. However, with the introduction of OnePHD, this process is significantly more efficient.  

This new functionality also has positive implications for funding as FOE plays a crucial role in determining the allocation of research funding to institutions. By efficiently capturing FOE data, OnePHD ensures UNE receives the appropriate level of funding for their research endeavours.  

The implementation of OnePHD is also expected to better the overall management of PhD students, facilitating smoother processes, and reducing administrative burdens for staff. This, in turn, allows the Student Systems team to focus on further enhancing other modules within Callista, such as HDR Admissions.