The ever popular TamTalks is underway for 2024 and the Tamworth team welcome involvement from all areas of the University.

TamTalks is about fostering connections and sharing knowledge. The series started as a way of bridging the gap between the Tamworth community and UNE with the aim to break down barriers to higher education and the local campus. TamTalks is powerful platform for speakers to share their expertise with locals, ignite curiosity and make an impact.

All presentations take place in Tamworth with speakers joining community members for a short talk or workshop on their field of interest. The talks/workshops are followed by a question and answer session. Previous talks covered a range of interesting topics including Let’s talk about death: bodies and beyond and Art – Bridging the Great Divide.TamTalks has now evolved and has flexibility to better align with calendar and celebration events.

The team is looking for engaging speakers to have a chat about something that they’re passionate about. If you have a topic of interest and would like to come to Tamworth to give a short talk on it, they are keen to hear from you: TamTalks | How to get involved

Photo by Joao Cruz on Unsplash.