The University of New England (UNE) is excited to announce the launch of a free short course on Constructive Alignment, designed exclusively for academic and professional staff. This module is tailored for those seeking a deep understanding of, and proficiency in, mapping unit and course outcomes with graduate attributes using UNE’s standard CourseLoop software.

What is Constructive Alignment? Constructive Alignment is a pedagogical approach that ensures a clear and intentional connection between learning objectives, assessments, and teaching methods. By aligning these elements, educators enhance the quality and coherence of the educational experience, fostering better learning outcomes for students.

Why is it Important? Mapping and recording constructive alignment have become essential components in meeting the requirements of the Higher Education Standards Framework 2021. UNE recognises the significance of compliance with these standards and is committed to providing its academic and administrative staff with the necessary tools and knowledge.

What the Course Offers: The module delves into the foundational concepts of constructive alignment, offering practical insights on how to implement and document the process effectively using UNE’s CourseLoop software. Participants will gain hands-on experience in aligning unit and course outcomes with graduate attributes, as well as connecting these with assessment items and content.

Compliance with Higher Education Standards: This initiative aligns with UNE’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards in education. The course ensures that academic staff are well-equipped to meet the compliance requirements set forth by the Higher Education Standards Framework 2021, a critical condition for the university’s continued registration.

How to Enrol: Academic and administrative staff interested in enhancing their understanding and application of constructive alignment can enrol in the course through  Key: caforstaff.

The course is designed to accommodate diverse schedules, providing a flexible learning experience.

How long it will take to complete this module: Our estimate is one hour but depending on how interested you are and how much optional content you go through, the time may vary. Once you complete the course, you will be awarded a badge.

UNE is proud to lead the way in empowering its academic community with the knowledge and skills necessary for excellence in teaching and learning. For more information, please contact

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash