A unique peace-themed exhibition opens on Friday 24th March at 5pm in the UNE Library.

The artists featured in the library include Michael Brogan, Terry Cook and Michael McPhillips, while Michael Brogan also has work in the Arts building, along with Marty Branagan. These artworks accord with the themes of the Peace Studies’ 40-year anniversary conference, held in December 2022, including peace, social justice and environmental sustainability.

Entry to the opening (Level 3) and exhibitions is free. The artists are very grateful to Blanca Pizzani for her support, encouragement and assistance with this project, and to UNE Life for catering.


Artist Statements


Michael Brogan

Michael Brogan’s works on paper are the extension of an ongoing going dialogue he has orchestrated between the self and an invisible art audience who might just walk in off the street into the gallery, with his concerns with both the medium and the subject matter focused on the here-and-now and the immediate future. The concepts and ideas surrounding his artwork are informed by encounters and engagements with other artists, including in group shows over the years, and are about returning to the essential nature of things. The sculpture pieces in Lecture Theatre A3 of the Arts Building utilise recycled poly-pipe and are also undergoing a transition of their own: from shield motif morphing into organic augmentations that appear like simple life forms you might encounter washed up on the shoreline after the tide has gone out.


Artwork by Terry Cooke

Terry Cooke is a well-known local photographer and an artist who has held many successful exhibitions and published four books of landscape photography. Much of his artwork focusses on environmental issues and imaginings of the local high country landscapes. His series of environmental drawings grew from his frustration with people’s  inability to understand the damage that  their lifestyle is doing to the planet. These drawings, when exhibited in an exhibition titled “7 Billion Blind Mice”, generated considerable discussion and hopefully a greater awareness of the problems we face. The drawings are hand drawn in pen and ink, scanned into a computer and coloured to create a digital photographic print. Prints are available for sale either framed or unframed.



Artwork by Michael McPhillips

Michael McPhillips is another accomplished local artist (and architect) who regularly shows in Sydney. Michael attended the John Ogburn Studio in Sydney for many years, an experience which has given him the inspiration and impetus to continue painting. He has exhibited annually at the Harrington Street gallery, a registered Artist’s Co-operative located in Chippendale, in group shows since 1982. Michael has also exhibited paintings at the Armidale Art Gallery and sculpture at NERAM. He has an interest in portraying themes of peace/conflict, social justice and environmental issues in his art.




Artwork by Marty Branagan

Marty Branagan’s landscapes are inspired by Anaiwan and Gumbaingirr country and influenced by dada, surrealism and abstraction. Marty has been exhibiting art since 1984; his works can be found in both private and public collections. Fifty of his artworks feature in his illustrated novel Locked On! The Seventh and Most Illegal in the Hitchhiker’s Guide Trilogy.






For more information on the exhibition, contact Marty Branagan on 67733951 or mbranag2@une.edu.au

 Exhibition Locations

 UNE Library

            Level 2 corridor: Terry Cooke

            Stairwell: Michael Brogan (Shield the prize—Protect the vision)

            Level 3: Michael McPhillips

Lower ground floor: artworks from the ‘Hermannsburg school’

            Level 2 lobby: Your Place My Country (photography)


Arts Building

            A3: Michael Brogan (White Out)

Ground floor lobby: Marty Branagan