Virtual Parking Permits for 2023 are now available on-line.

For those that already have a valid virtual BLUE permit a reminder email will be sent to you 2 x weeks prior to your permit expiring. There is nothing you need to do until you receive this reminder. When it arrives, if you need to purchase another permit simply log back into your UNE Parking Account & renew your 2022 permit. If you renew your permit in the 2 x week window before the old one expires then the start date of your new permit will be the day after the old permit expires. If you purchase a different type of BLUE permit to the one you already have then the commencement date of the new permit will be from the date payment is made.

For those who have not previously purchased a UNE virtual parking permit & wish to do so then you will need to first set up an account. Once your account has been established you can then either purchase a BLUE virtual permit or apply for a RED Bay.

For those that wish to apply for a RED bay for 2023 then applications are now open. (See details below)

More information can be obtained from the Parking Permits web page.

 Red Bay Applications

 Applications for Red Primary Reserved Bays are now open & will remain open until 5.00pm on Friday 3rd February 2023.  To submit an application for a RED bay you will need to log into your UNE Parking Account.  If you haven’t previously set up a UNE Parking Account then you will need to create one in order to apply for a Red Bay. After Friday 3rd February red bays will be allocated in accordance with the UNE Parking Procedures.  You can view the locations of the Red Bays as well as all other parking bay types on campus via the following link:

Note: where multiple applications for a single red bay or area are received a ballot will be conducted to determine the successful applicant.  All applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application within one (1) week of the closing date. Payment can only be made once the red bay has been allocated to you.

The University also offers a Salary Sacrifice arrangement for Red Permits.  This arrangement allows for the full cost of the permit to be deducted from an eligible staff members pay over the following periods:

  • 12 Month Red Permit – over 5 Pay’s
  • 6 Month Red Permit – over 5 Pay’s
  • 4 Month Red Permit – over 2 Pay’s
  • 2 Month Red Permit – over 2 Pay’s

All staff who are successful in obtaining a Red bay will be provided with this payment option. However eligibility to pay this way will be determined by People & Culture after the Salary Sacrifice form is submitted.

If you have any questions regarding Salary Sacrifice please log a Service Now request via Heather & a representative from People & Culture will respond to your enquiry.

Further information can be found on the Red Bay Staff Parking web page.

Virtual Permit Prices for 2023

Permit prices for 2023 reflect an increase in line with CPI on 2022 prices. This is the first increase to be applied to Parking Prices in 3 years. This increase is in accordance with Clause 57 of the UNE Parking Procedures. Prices for 2023 are as follows:

  • Blue
    • 1 Year                  $97.00
    • 6 Months            $63.00
    • 3 Months            $50.00
    • 1 Month              $32.00

There are no restrictions on who can purchase a Blue virtual parking permit.  A vehicle registration number linked to a Blue virtual permit is permitted to park in Blue permit bays only.

  • Red
    • 1 Year                   $594.00
    • 6 Month              $328.00
    • 4 Month              $239.00
    • 2 Month              $132.00

There are no restrictions on who can purchase a RED virtual parking permit.  A vehicle registration number linked to an assigned RED bay is permitted to park in that bay or in BLUE bays.

  • Green
    • 1 Year                   $60.00
    • 6 Month              $37.00

GREEN permits are issued to Service Contractors & UNE owned vehicles  only. A Service Contractor is an organisation or individual that engages with the University to undertake construction, maintenance or repair work. A Service Contractor is not  a person or organisation performing administrative, teaching or research activities under a salary/contract arrangement with the University.  A vehicle registration number linked to a GREEN permit is permitted to park in GREEN & BLUE Permit bays and loading zones for extended periods to that signposted.