UNE views work-integrated learning (WIL) and work-based learning (WBL) as a critical part of Future Fit and our offer of personalised learning journeys for our students.

With a view to ensuring the University is ultimately able to provide WIL/WBL opportunities to all students, the University has recently engaged Nous Group (Nous) to help us in developing an overarching strategy to support WIL and WBL.  In particular, we are seeking to develop a model of WIL/WBL that builds on our focus on placements in accredited courses to accommodate the needs of our students who are studying online and already in the workforce. 

For these students, we need to think outside the box of placement to ensure they have the opportunity to participate in work-linked learning.

We are keen that all relevant stakeholders from faculties, schools, and corporate areas are provided with the opportunity to provide their input and perspectives. Nous has already started interviews with staff and have noted and reflected on the diverse range of perspectives across UNE in relation to WIL and WBL and the aspirations of different areas of UNE. 

Should you be contacted by Nous over the next few months to participate in consultations, workshops, or other engagements, the University would be pleased if you would volunteer your time. We would like to provide our thanks in advance and thank everyone who has participated in any WIL-related consultations over the past week.