Back on Campus? Reminder to change your password!

As a part of your return to campus, today for Group 1, please make your first task in the office is to CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD.

Our data shows that 80% of staff are not up to date with changing their passwords.

Only 706 staff members have changed their password in 2020.

The IT Service Desk has been dealing with an enormous number of phishing attacks on the organisation in the past months. Your account may have been compromised and you don’t know it – changing your password will deal with this.

If your account has been compromised you leave yourself open to further attack and will be putting the entire University at risk.

Cyber security cuts across so many parts of our lives and using the same password at work as your personal accounts, such as your banking, can put your information at risk.

Keeping your password up to date and safe plays a key role in keeping our systems safe for everyone.

  • Staff must change their password every 6 months at a minimum.
  • Please wait until you are back at your desk and logged in before you change the password – not while using VPN.
  • Staff can reset their UNE account password by using the My Account tab in the myUNE portal.

Peter Creamer