Roof repair work now complete

Now that the repairs to the Library roof have been successfully completed, work to repair the water damage on Level 4 can now begin.

Collection review

The library has just completed its review of some of the serials and books on Level 4, ahead of the repair and remediation work due to begin in August.

Such a large project needed a collaborative engagement between library staff and academic staff to ensure the library continues to maintain a current, relevant collection which supports UNE teaching, learning and research.

From all accounts, it was incredibly successful.

“We’re very grateful for the time and effort a lot of academics took to review the collections and we were also pleased that many took the opportunity to keep old books removed from the shelves for personal research and teaching,” said the library’s Collection Assessment Specialist, Celia Munro.

From an academic’s perspective, the collection review process was both collaborative and effective.

“As always, library staff were helpful, knowledgeable and professional,” Andrew Piper, Lecturer in Australian History and Heritage, said of the process. He added that taking the review to disciplinary cluster groups early on would add to the level of engagement in future.

Dr Adele Nye, Senior Lecturer in Contextual Studies, opted to keep some removed copies of serials as they were regarded as pivotal to the discipline in terms of pedagogy and from a historiographical perspective.

For more information on the collection review, the process or the upcoming repair work, contact Celia Munro: or phone x2957.