UNE’s GRASS Program has transformed students’ future career choices and pathways for over decade now and will continue to do so in 2019. A select number of year 11 and year 12 students from across the state has been offered a unique opportunity to “try before they buy” next month.

The students will spend two days on campus learning more about technological and scientific advances in agriculture and how they, as leaders of the next generation, can contribute to shaping our global community through sustainable and innovative agricultural practices.

Growing Regional and Agricultural Students in Science (GRASS) is a UNE initiative first introduced in 2008. It was developed to encourage highly motivated tertiary-bound students to consider science-based careers that support the agricultural industry.

The two-day, all-expenses-paid camp offers different hands-on activities to stimulate the students’ curiosity while also providing insight into a range of career opportunities. Students will have opportunity to interact with current UNE students, post-graduate students, university leaders and industry professionals. Highlights will include visits to the industry-leading Guyra COSTA Tomato Exchange as well as the UNE SMART Farm along with the chance to delve into the world of elevated pitches aimed at resolving the global food security issue – a relevant and pressing challenge for both current and future science leaders.

Students will receive information to help them make informed decisions about their future and learn how they can make a difference to the global community through the pursuit of a science career that will enhance and sustain the agricultural industry.

Following the camp, 10-15 students will be offered the full industry placement scholarship which includes a five-day placement working with a professional of their choice from November 2019 to January 2020. Students can select from a variety of placements, ranging from a week at a winery, to work in a zoology department or working alongside a Local Land Service Team.

Data analysis has demonstrated that a majority of students partaking in the UNE GRASS Industry Placement Scholarship program have pursued studies at UNE, and perform at a higher grade point average than their peers. Students also have a higher retention rates and are completing more units per semester than their peers. 

The camp will take place on 4 and 5 July.