A judicial misconduct has caused Imran Khan’s arrest and now he is surviving in a shabby and hard-to-survive-environment in Attock Prison while a great majority of Pakistanis are subdued, oppressed, and controlled while scuffling financially to make both ends meet.

The Muslim world has not experienced such a visionary leadership in this era.

Imran Khan is a living legend who aspires to flourish not only his national vision but holistically, revitalise the image of Islam in a global context.

An overseer who can unite Islamic representatives from different countries to take cohesive action on Islamophobia, focused on representation of Islam to Western forces and make measures to enlighten his people and becoming a voice of change for refugees and asylum seekers from different parts of globe.

Who is Imran Khan?

A young boy with charming looks and intellectual astute rose to fame in 1970’s and 80’ss due to his perfect sports skills on ground. Being a graduate of University of Oxford has added another star in his social profile.

He was energetic, focused, and passionate in his pursuits. He won the World Cup in 1992 for Pakistan when he was just playing for raising funds for the construction of a cancer hospital for the country providing free healthcare.

Pakistan has been in a constant struggle with corruption and prejudice in its system. He built two cancer hospitals with free of cost services for poor people in the country (third one is under construction). He has also founded a university in the area where he was born.

In order to provide free services to poverty-stricken masses in the country, he was scrupulously challenged in the system by subornation, nepotism, hypocrisy, sycophancy, fabrication, and injustice.

These difficulties have led him to stand for his people and thus, he decided to become a part of political arena of Pakistan. He was mocked precipitously and put down by political giants in the country.

After 16 years of endurance, hard work, resistance, and stoicism he secured major political position in his province and after four years, in 2018, the central position as a prime minister of Pakistan.

That was the beginning of progression and development for Pakistan after 70 years of its independence which stirred all political parties to join hands together to topple down his regime in the country.

His government of 3.5 years offered free and low-cost medical treatment for the impoverished population, low cost/free education in primary school set up, increased teachers’ salary, offered free and low-cost dwellings for homeless people, initiated a campaign for boosting tourism in the country and planted millions of trees across the country, a campaign named as tree tsunami .

Seeing the stage of revolution, the discredited parties conspired together and through innovative move, called as “no confidence vote” ousted his authority in April 2022.

Since then, Pakistan has been in shambles economically, politically, socially, and morally.

He predicted of all these political moves in January 2022 when he got hold of a letter from US envoy for soft regime change in Pakistan.

Not surprisingly, the events that followed took the exact course as anticipated by Imran Khan.

Currently, Pakistan is grappling with inflation, injustice, insecurity, terrorism, illegal abduction, and systemic malfeasance. People are being cocked by army boots and harassed with threats of abduction to suppress their voices to let things happen as decided by hierarchy of power, which includes army, external forces, and corrupt political parties.

Even in this despicable situation his party has won regional election in his area. The victory denotes the spectacular and resplendent power of people’s voice.

Pakistan has not seen a unique leader like Imran Khan. He needs to be supported by Pakistani and All