Exams are already in full swing for T1, with over 2000 sittings already held and more than 13,000 sittings expected during the peak compressed exam week later this month. Here’s some key information to ensure that you and your students have a smooth and successful exam experience this trimester.

 The ‘student ready’ deadline for exam activities to be built and ready has passed (24th April). For those who have made contact with BuildMyExam@une.edu.au for assistance, you can continue working with the team and respond to any requests in a timely way. For all other exams, we will assume that everything is now ‘student ready’ and finalise our configuration, including SAP adjustments and exam supervision arrangements.  If any changes are required for your exam, including the use of a different activity or changes to the advised exam conditions, you will need to advise our team explicitly via olxforstaff@une.edu.au so the configuration can be updated – this will ensure students can effectively access their exams under the expected conditions.

As usual, we will be supporting students who have unresolvable technical issues or scheduling conflicts with individual exam reschedules. If you have specific reschedule protocols you would like our team to follow for your exam/s, please advise us via olxforstaff@une.edu.au so these can be recorded and acted on. 

And finally, a reminder that ALL student enquiries should be directed to the correct support avenues via their exam supervisor or the Exams & eAssessment Team (x2145 or AskUNE). You can learn more about the support available for T1 exams here:

T1 Exam Support – everything you need to know