blog.UNE has changed

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Blog Announcements, Service Anouncements | 0 comments

Hi Bloggers, was updated over the weekend & there are a couple of things we need you to do.

Clean up your spam:

The Akismet Anti-blogspam plugin has been activated for all blogs. You can help by going to “Plugins” -> “Akismet Configuration” and checking “Auto-delete spam submitted on posts more than a month old.” and then clicking “Update options >>”

You should now see a “Check for Spam” button in the “Comments” section of your dashboard. Once you click it, if you had a lot of pending comments the system may take quite some time to process them all, just leave that window/tab open and come back to it later.

You should also go to “Comments” -> “Spam” and click the “Empty Spam” button to clean up any old spam Akismet has already found.

Re-Embed your videos:

If you had embedded videos in your blog, they may have stopped working.

The video embed plugin we were using  was very old and has been replaced with a much simpler system going forward.

To enable embedded videos, go to “Plugins” and “Activate” the “Jetpack by” plugin. You will also need to connect to which may require a new account if you don’t have one already, but it is definitely worth the effort for all the new features it provides.

Once you have Jetpack activated, it is as simple as adding a Youtube URL on a single line in a blog post and Jetpack will do all the work behind the scenes to embed that video in your post. There are more detailed instructions, here:

You can read about all the other features provided by the Jetpack plugins, here:

There are many other changes and updates that you may or may not notice, depending on how you use the UNE blogging system.

If you run into any problems or can’t get something working on the updated system, feel free to email me:

I hope you like the new features we have enabled & have an enjoyable and productive blog.UNE experience…

Happy blogging…

Ross M. W. Bennetts
Web Editor
Information Technology
University of New England