WP-SlimStat Plugin to be removed

by | Jun 30, 2010 | Blog Announcements | 1 comment

Hi All,

If you are currently using the WP-SlimStat plugin, I would like to advise you that it is going to be removed two-weeks from today, on Wednesday July 14 2010. It is using far too much database space which is then causing problems when we try to do a full backup of the Blog.UNE system.

If you would like to continue getting statistical information about the people viewing your blog, I suggest you sign up for Google Analytics (http://google.com/analytics) and then plug your Google Tracking Number (UA-XXXX-XXXX-X) into the box under “Settings ->  Google Analytics”, or try the WordPress.com Stats plugin.

Either way, if you need any help with your blog or something doesn’t work as expected, don’t hesitate to contact me, Ross M. W. Bennetts, at webmaker@une.edu.au.