Blog Downtime Monday 2-Feb-2009

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Hi All,

The UNE Blog will be offline for a period of time on Monday morning to enable a software upgrade to WordPress Mu 2.7

This will introduce some changes to the look and feel of the dashboard and also allow for tagging and tag clouds as requested by a number of bloggers.

If you have any problems after the upgrade, please feel free to contact me on x2754 or


Ross M. W. Bennetts
UNE Web Editor

One Comment

  • Ross says:

    Hi All,

    The upgrade was succesful.
    We now have many new themes, but some have also stopped working and been removed or had slight name changes.
    If you were using any of the following themes, they will have temporarily disappeared from your blog, but you can go back and select them from the dashboard again:

    Sweet Blossom
    Vistered Little
    Wordpress Classic

    Some other themes have stopped working altogether and unfortunatley I have had to remove them, but we now have over 100 themes to choose from, so hopefully you will find something else you like.


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