Blog and Forum downtime Friday 2-March-2007

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  • sgodwin says:

    Hi Ross,

    Something strange has happened to the wordpress interface that I can see on my computer since yesterday. Previously, the ‘write’ box where blog entries could be made included a number of buttons that could be used to resize images, change font properties etc. These have all dissapeared, and now all I see are buttons for inserting html code. Being very html challenged this has made it virtually impossible for me to insert images or do anything other than enter plain text. Has the wordpress version been changed? Is there an option that I can use to get the old interace back?



  • Ross says:

    Yes, I upgraded to WordPress Mu v1.1.1 this morning and it has caused some strange behavior.
    The Visual Editor is now switched OFF by default, I am looking for a way to fix this, but in the meantime, to switch it back on, visit the Dashboard for your blog and click “My Profile” in the top right hand corner.
    On your profile page, the very first option is:
    Use the visual editor when writing
    Tick the box next to that and press the “Update Profile” button and everything should be back to normal.


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