2022, Volume 25, Paper 8
ISSN: 2209-6612

COVID-19, Domestic Agricultural Supply Chains and Food Security: The Case of Fiji

Neelesh Gounder – School of Accounting, Finance and Economics, University of South Pacific, Fiji
Salesh Kumar – College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Fiji National University, Fiji and Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research, University of Sunshine Coast, Australia


In this paper the impact of COVID-19 on domestic agricultural supply chains in Fiji is studied using the Sigatoka Valley (the main vegetable production centre of Fiji) and the municipal market in Sigatoka town as a case study. A survey of farmers and markets vendors was carried out to collect data to map out key impacts (and challenges) faced by farmers and vendors in either producing or sourcing produce for sale to customers. Analysis of survey data reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic has delivered shocks to both the supply and the demand side of the agricultural supply chain. Policy implications are also discussed.

Keywords: Fiji; horticulture; supply chain; farmers: market vendors

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