2021, Volume 24, Paper 21
ISSN: 2209-6612

Value Chain Analysis of Keo Romeat Mangoes in Cambodia

Rithea Meng – Postgraduate student, Global Centre for Food and Resources, University of Adelaide


Mango is one of the important crops for Cambodian farmers as a source of income. Annual production reached more than one million tonnes in 2020. The most popular variety is Keo Romeat. It accounts for about 80 per cent of total production during the on-season and nearly 100 per cent during the off-season. Producers expect to get more profit from off-season production but limited knowledge on flower manipulation can cause unsuccessful production and may lead to health concerns for workers and growers. Price is highly variable because it is controlled by Thai and Vietnamese traders. The Cambodian industry lacks standard processing facilities, so mangoes are exported as a raw material with no value added. Forming grower groups, building trust between growers and buyers through contract farming, diversifying export markets, and improving processing and exporting abilities through public-private partnerships would contribute to a more successful mango industry in Cambodia.

Keywords: Cambodia, value chain analysis, Keo Romeat mangoes, markets, export

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