2021, Volume 24, Paper 12
ISSN: 2209-6612

Adapting Blockchain Technology in the Wine Industry to Curb Wine Counterfeiting

Akshita Kapoor, Garry Griffith and Adam Loch
Postgraduate student, Adjunct Professor and Associate Professor, Centre for Global Food and Resources, School of Economics and Public Policy, University of Adelaide.


The need for a blockchain-based wine supply chain traceability system is now critical because of a surge in forging and adulteration, and the utilization of additives and dangerous synthetic compounds. To defeat these issues, the wine industry needs a traceability system which empowers a buyer to confirm each batch of wines from the grape growers to the retailers. However, the vast majority of the current traceability frameworks are RFID and web based, and consequently it is conceivable that stored data may be counterfeited as well. This study proposes a blockchain-based wine supply chain traceability system where each and every transaction is recorded as a block in the chain and is visible to the relevant participants. These blocks of information are immutable, that is unchanging, since any change to the recorded information will break the chain. In addition to providing quality information and a detectability management framework, the proposed traceability system enables safety, transparency, and security in the overall process from the grape to the bottle.

Keywords: Wine supply chain; blockchain; traceability; transparency

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