2021, Volume 24, Paper 10
ISSN: 2209-6612

Exploring the Adaptation Strategies to COVID-19 by Flower and Vegetable Growers and Enterprises in the Lam Dong Province, Central Highlands of Viet Nam

Thi Hoa Pham – Lam Dong Crop Production and Plant Protection Sub-department, Viet Nam
Derek Baker – UNE Business School, Australia
Nozomi Kawarazuka – Center of International Potato, Viet Nam


COVID-19 disrupted supply chains for agricultural products from Lam Dong Province, located in the Central Highland of Viet Nam. This study measures and examines the effects of COVID-19 on producers of flowers and vegetables in three major agricultural areas of Lam Dong Province and identifies their adaptation strategies. A survey of flower and vegetable growers (n=215) and of agribusiness enterprises sales (n=65) was conducted. Both flower and vegetable growers and enterprises reported that the sales of their agricultural products declined, and profits were reduced, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chain actors from the different locations reacted in different ways. Government assistance was little used. A SWOT analysis suggests optimism is warranted in Lam Dong’s flower and vegetable industries despite the effects of COVID-19.

Keywords: agricultural supply chain, COVID-19 impacts, adaptation strategies, Lam Dong province, Central Highland of Viet Nam

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