2020, Volume 23, Paper 18

ISSN: 2209-6612

Rising to the Challenge: What would be a sustainable e-commerce model for Cambodia’s agri-food products?

Sereysothea Sao – Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide 


In recent years, e-commerce development has increased significantly due to a remarkable increase in smart phone and mobile internet adaptation, digital payment options, digital transport service providers, and increasing income levels of young adult consumers. It is clear that e-commerce can be a promising solution for Cambodia to solve ongoing market issues for agricultural products by reducing unnecessary costs along value chains, and potentially addressing information asymmetry in agricultural marketplaces. However, e-commerce is relatively new to Cambodia. Thus, adapting to this new way of doing business for agricultural products in Cambodia is challenging due to its less developed infrastructures for agricultural product value chains, and a lack of skilled labour and financial resources. Insights from agri e-commerce development in neighbouring countries and an analysis of current market conditions in Cambodia suggest an e-commerce model for agricultural products in Cambodia.

Key words: Cambodia, agricultural products, e-commerce, enabling environment, sustainability


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