2020, Volume 23, Paper 15

ISSN: 2209-6612

How has the Increase in Chicken Meat Consumption since 1960 Changed the Chicken Meat Value Chain?

Benjamin-John Mckenzie – University of Melbourne


Consumption of chicken meat in Australia has trended upwards since the establishment of the industry in the 1960s. Chicken is now the most consumed meat in Australia. This growth in demand can be attributed to a series of factors giving chicken a competitive advantage over beef, lamb and pork. This paper identifies the factors increasing consumption. They include adopting a vertically integrated approach, consistently low prices and development of the food service sector. Greater consumption has influenced the chicken meat value chain to adapt and change practices. The industry is aiming to improve productivity while maintaining animal welfare. Sectors within the industry affected by these changes are highlighted in this paper. These include the breeding sector, feed mills, contract and independent broiler farms, processing, food services and retailers.

Key words: Chicken consumption, vertical integration, animal welfare, value chains

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