2014, Volume 17, Paper 100
ISSN 1442-6951

A Case Study of Drought Management: Glen Elgin Angus, Henty, New South Wales

Thomas White – Team Leader Land Services Riverina Local Land Services Wagga Wagga. Contact: thomas.white@lls.nsw.gov.au


Droughts are very much a part of farming in Australia, and with the increasing spectre of climate change, may become more frequent and harsher in impact. Periods of drought require landholders to make important decisions that will have short and long term impacts on the farming enterprise.

The objective of this study is to evaluate the impacts of drought on a stud cattle operation owned and operated by Steven and Cindy Scott, ‘Glen Elgin’ Henty NSW.

An explanation of what a drought strategy is, and why developing one is important will be discussed. A key component of most, if not all drought strategies, is the desire to maintain ‘ground cover’. Exactly what this is and why it’s considered an important consideration in a drought strategy will also be discussed.

Various options of managing livestock prior, during and post drought will be canvassed with implications for cash flow, feed requirements and recovery to full production discussed.

Finally, the management ‘Glen Elgin’ over the drought years 2006 – 2010 will be investigated. This investigation will include a detailed investigation of the aims and aspirations of the owners and how these have impacted on the development of the drought strategy that has operated in the past, and will operate during the next dry period.

A conclusion will be drawn that determines the appropriateness or otherwise of the current drought strategy that applies on ‘Glen Elgin’.

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