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  1. Viji Sriram says:

    how can i withdraw from an unit which i have enrolled for trimester 3 without paying for it? When is the last day?

  2. Donna Cain says:

    Hi Viji, For any question like this you can email the student helpdesk and they will liaise with Finance to give you an answer, plus they
    can adjust your enrolment to “de-enrol” you without penalty if done before the deadline. So just send an email this week to the ASKUNE email address that you will find on this website.

    • Donna Cain says:

      Viji just send an email to: studentsupport@une,edu.au

      They will be able to assist.

      Our fees are not due until 30 November so I think we have until then to withdraw. It’s always best to do it straight away though in case I am wrong!

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