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Are you looking to get more organised in 2024? The 2024 UNE Student Wall-Planner is now available for ordering, and thanks to the UNE Student Council, it’s FREE!

This year’s wall-planner includes a range of organisational features so that you can stay in the loop and remain productive while studying. These features include:

  • A double-sided layout, so you can pick and choose between a horizontal standard-calendar view, or a vertical trimester view.
  • A convenient colour-coding system to easily keep track of trimester blocks.
  • The inclusion of all UNE’s important events, dates and deadlines for the upcoming year.
  • A QR code that takes you straight to the UNE Student Experience Link Tree, where you can access the latest student updates and information.

Would you like to order a free hardcopy of the planner – CLICK HERE to open up our request for, to provide your details.

 And for those that prefer to have a digital copy, CLICK HERE to download and you can choose whichever structures works best for you.

Whether you prefer a physical or digital version, the 2024 UNE Student Wall-Planner is an essential tool for all UNE students! So, CLICK HERE to request your free copy now!