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UNE Digital Dexterity

Technology is always changing. Being able to navigate through it is a useful skill for your life and study.

Whether you are just commencing your studies, returning after a break, or steadily working through each trimester to complete your course, it is never a bad time to look at improving your online capabilities. 

To help you keep up in a fast paced learning environment, the UNE Library has developed a series of modules to help you improve your skills in:

  1. Digital Technologies, exploring key Tools for Study and the UNE Learning Environment.
  2. Digital Communication, exploring Communication Tools and Collaboration
  3. Digital Literacies, exploring Information Literacies, Critical Literacies and Copyright.
  4. Digital Learning, exploring strategies for Online Learning, Planning your study and Reflection and Review.

And just in time for Trimester 2, a new module has just gone live!

5. Digital Citizenship, exploring Digital Identity, Safety and Ethics.

This unit is a training space and support resource, so it is up to you how much you complete, and how long you take to do so. Hop in, have a browse and learn something new today!

Visit the UNE Digital Dexterity site in Moodle to prepare for your studies.

Questions or concerns? Contact your Library.