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The Academic Skills Office has organised an online social study space this trimester – the ASO Study Huddle. The aim is to create a virtual space where you can study in the company of your peers.

Most importantly, the ASO is creating a space together for three, focussed, 25-minute study sessions, where you are able to read, write, plan, and engage in any productive, study-focussed task.

One of the ASO team members will facilitate the group, supporting participants to set your own study goals and study independently. We’ll break up the blocks of study with some breathing meditation, physical activity, music, and a Quick-Skill session to brush-up some important academic skills.


When, where and how?

The Study Huddles will run on Monday nights through the Trimester, starting 27th February, from 7.00 PM – 9.00 PM (AEDT). 

Click here to join!