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In 2020, the Job-ready Graduates Package passed in parliament. This means from 1 January 2022, there are changes to Australia’s higher education system which are now in effect. 

While these changes include variations to future fees for various courses by discipline, one of the most important changes in this package are the new criteria around low progression rates and continuing to be able to access a Commonwealth Supported Place or make use of a HELP Loan. Progressing through your course as a commonwealth supported student now requires conditions to be met to: 

  • be a genuine student;  
  • be assessed as academically suited to their course by their provider;  
  • limit their enrolment to 2.0 EFTSL (i.e., two years or less) worth of study per year unless their provider has assessed them as academically suited to undertake more study; and,  
  • maintain a maintain at least a 50% completion rate. 


What does this mean? 

This means even though decisions about your study load before census date have always been important, it’s now more important than ever to make realistic decisions about your study load well BEFORE census date to ensure you can:  


Who does this apply to?  

Anyone commencing a course or transferring to a new course and using a CSP, HECS HELP loan or FEE HELP loan from 1 January 2022. 

As this is a National Commonwealth reform, we recommend visiting the Job Ready Graduates FAQ’s for more information.