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There are so many elements to life which can affect our studies, these can range from health conditions, disabilities, injuries to caring and work commitments, which can mean that study can become challenging on a whole other level.  

At UNE we have an amazing support team who can help you through the above situations with a Study Access Plan.  

What is a Study Access Plan? 

A Study Access Plan is a carefully constructed plan which allows for reasonable adjustments to enable a student to participate on the same basis as other students in all aspects of university life. Medical or other supporting documentation is needed to apply for a plan.  

Who can apply? 

Students who are eligible to apply include those who: 

  • Have a disability or health condition 
  • Are a carer 
  • Work in defence or are emergency services personnel  
  • Are an elite athlete 
  • Are currently incarcerated or internet exempt 

How can I register? 

Registration can be completed via the Accessibility and Wellbeing website. Please choose the form most relevant to your situation. You will need your UNE login details to access the registration form.  

Have a chat!  

If you are unsure whether you are eligible or would like more information, you can book an appointment with the Accessibility and Wellbeing team online, by email to or by phone on 02 6773 2897 (this number will be unattended between 4pm on Friday 17 December 2021 until 9am Monday 10 January 2022).