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It was a tough choice but our panel of 3 judges narrowed the winners to three amazing entries in our RUOKDay competition. 

Thank you to everyone who participated. We have really enjoyed everyone’s tips and tricks on how to study, how to parent, and how to see the lighter side of lockdown.  

Congratulations to Danielle, Slobodanka, and Lisa who shared the following tips and won an iPad each:  

Best Study Tip – Danielle 

Use tabs in your web browser to structure your day and offer rewards as you complete your study and close the tab! Eg: [Study: Course reading] [Reward: online yoga session] [Study: Tutorial][Reward: Online shopping] [Study: Reading] [Reward: Zoom with friends]. 

Clear goals and rewards, entirely customisable to your liking!  

Best lockdown tip from students who are parents – Slobodanka 

Setting up some space on the other side of my desk and letting them “work with me” helps with keeping them calm and quiet (!). For older kids, I used them to explain what I’ve learned in my course by aligning them with real life examples of people they know and let them ask questions. 

Funniest lockdown Tip – Lisa 

Collect your tears from breakdowns over studying so you can water your plants, at least they’ll be surviving through this tough time 😊  

Make sure to have a look at all the competition entries on our padlet here: UNE Wellness Centre – Top Lockdown Tips (