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Today, Monday May 3rd is the last day to withdraw without academic penalty for Trimester 1. If you need to withdraw from your unit, doing so before this date will mean that you will receive a ‘Withdrawn’ Grade. This grade does not impact your GPA. You will, however, still incur the cost of the unit. 

Thinking of withdrawing? Here are some things you might like to consider…

  • Do you have any catching up to do?
  • Realistically, do you have the time you need for your studies?
  • Is your schedule looking full for the next few weeks?

Tips for staying enrolled and getting back on track…

  • You might like to consider booking in for a Study Gym session with our Counselling Team.
  • Check out our Time Calculator Tool, where you can input the amount of hours you allocate to each aspect of your life, such as work, sleep, leisure and of course, study.
  • Go through our Academic Skills Office Time Management Page, to identify your time management strengths and weaknesses, download free planners and view example schedules.
  • We highly encourage keeping in touch with your Unit Coordinators for assistance, to engage in your Moodle forums and to use our Academic Skills Office when you feel like you are struggling with content.

Still not sure?

Get in contact with us! We are happy to chat about your circumstances and your options to assist you in making the most informed decision about how to proceed this trimester!