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Your personalised Trimester 1 exam timetable is now available in myUNE.

All exams are supervised online to provide maximum flexibility to students as well as managing the risk of disruption due to COVID restrictions or natural disasters.

Information on Online Supervised Exams and how to access them can be found at our Online Exams Moodle site.

What do I need to do?

Over the next few weeks, you should check that your internet connection and computer will sustain your online supervised exam.

You can do this by completing our brief ‘Try It Out’ exam. This will also give you a feel for how to access your real exam online as it is quite different to sitting a paper-based exam.

Internet and computer requirements

The minimum internet bandwidth you will need is slightly more than you would use for general web browsing (1.5 Mbps). 

You will need:

  • a fairly stable internet connection
  • a webcam
  • inbuilt speakers and a microphone – headsets are not normally permitted
  • a reasonable processing speed on your computer
  • a private, quiet and well-lit room in which to sit your exam.

A standard computer and internet connection will usually meet these requirements. If you don’t have these, you may need to purchase or borrow them.

It is essential that you complete this soon to give yourself time to work through any issues you encounter as well as to relieve any uncertainty you might have about sitting exams online.  Follow the instructions in the ‘What to do next section’ in the Online Supervised Exam Information Moodle site.

What if I don’t think I can sit my exam online?

While it is expected that all students will sit their exams online, UNE is committed to supporting students who are unable to do so.

If this applies to you, your request for an alternative form of assessment must be submitted to us via AskUNE by 26 March 2021.

You can check for technical issues via our ‘Try It Out’ exam. For technical assistance or questions about online exams, contact the Exams Team on 02 6773 2145 or via AskUNE. If you have unresolvable issues in accessing your exams online you can make a case in writing via AskUNE to request that an alternative form of assessment be provided.  If approved, the unit coordinator will provide an alternative assessment of a similar standard, depending upon unit requirements and the requirements of any accrediting bodies.

Privacy and Data Collection

The University has completed a Privacy Assessment and a Cybersecurity Assessment of the services provided by ProctorU, the US based company which we partner with for online exam supervision.  As with all of the service providers we work with, we want to ensure students are well informed about the way their personal information will be collected and managed. You can view the ‘Notification of the collection of personal information by ProctorU’.   

Booking in for my exam session

To provide as much flexibility as possible, most online exams will allow you to select your preferred start time on the scheduled day. We will provide further details in the Online Supervised Exam section in your unit’s Moodle site once this information is confirmed. We will also post in your Moodle Unit News & Announcements Forum as soon as your real exam is available for you to book in.

Once bookings become available, we recommend that you book a session as soon as possible to allow you more choice in your preferred start time.

What if I need bathroom breaks or other exam adjustments?

For most exams, it is expected that you will stay in the view of the webcam for the duration of your exam to meet academic integrity requirements.
If you have a condition which affects your exam performance and you have not yet formally registered for adjustments, including for allowed bathroom breaks, please make contacte asap with our Accessibility and Wellbeing Team. Unfortunately, we may not be able to cater to your exam requirements in the Trimester 1 exam period if you have not registered by 5pm Thursday the 27th May 2021.

Exam Conduct

Generally, the same rules apply whether your exam is supervised face-to-face, or by a person watching you via your web cam.  The supervisor will be able to monitor what is occurring in your immediate work space and on your screen in real time during the exam.
Remember though that you can ask the supervisor for assistance or contact the UNE Exams Team during your exam if required.

Mobile Phones/Electronic Devices: – Devices (including smart watches, earpieces etc) other than the computer you use during your exam are not permitted.  You will be asked to turn off your mobile phone and put it out of reach

Calculators: – If you are allowed to use a calculator during your exam it must not be a programmable model. Mobile phones are not permitted to be used as calculators

Photo ID: – Official photo ID is mandatory for all online supervised exams. This must be current (not expired) Permitted forms of ID include your UNE issued student ID, driver licence, passport or proof of age card.  

Exam Conduct: – Proper examination conduct is expected of all students during exams.  It is expected that you will not use any unauthorised materials or devices, and that you will not communicate in any way with anyone other than the exam supervisor during the exam. It is expected that students will not leave the view of the webcam. Absences away from the webcam will be reported as possible misconduct and (following proper investigation) UNE reserves the right not to mark any work completed after an absence from the view of the webcam. The penalties for misconduct include loss of credit for the exam, loss of credit for the entire unit and/or exclusion from the university.  Should you experience any problem during your exam please seek immediate assistance from the exam supervisor or contact the Exams Office via AskUNE or phone 02 6773 2145.

Who can I contact?

I have experienced problems during the exam: You can seek immediate assistance from:

  • the exam supervisor
  • the Exams Office via AskUNE
  • the exams office via phone 02 6773 2145 If you require immediate assistance

I would like exam preparation support: You can access assistance with exam preparation skills via the Academic Skills Office.

I am experiencing exam anxiety: If you require assistance with exam anxiety or exam preparation tips, UNE offers free counselling to students including external students, more info at our web page.

I am an international student: You can access advice and referral from the International Office.

I wish to report cheating or inappropriate behaviour: You can contact our Student Grievance Unit (anonymously if you wish) to report cheating or inappropriate conduct at any time by phone 02 6773 4260.

If you have any general enquires or would like someone to chat to about any other issue you are experiencing at UNE you can contact the Student Support Team.


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