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Moodle 3.9 – Upgrade on 5th February

This Friday, 5th February, Moodle will be unavailable for 24hours from 7pm whilst it is being upgraded to the latest version (3.9).

There are a number of improvements that will come in with the new version, including the below;

Improved Dashboard

The new dashboard layout will show “Recently Accessed” sites and introduce the option to “Star” sites to appear in a quick access favourites list.

Improved H5P Support

The upgrade will introduce the ability to easily embed H5P activities anywhere via the text editor as well as a shared repository for H5P files to link to the same activity from multiple sites.

Improved Forums

Improvements to the forums will include the ability to “star” posts, pin posts to the top, sort forum post and reply privately to forum posts (instead of to the whole forum).

Improved Messaging

Improvements include a cleaner layout as well as additional features, such as messaging to a group of contacts.

“Last updated” date will now display at the bottom of each page or book chapter in Moodle.

You can learn more about these changes, and other new features here.


Following the upgrade, if you encounter any difficulties accessing Moodle or interacting with the new version, please contact IT Support on 02 6773 5000 or through