Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Trimester 3 2020: Check to see if your unit is included!

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PASS sessions are up and running for the trimester! They will take a pause during the holiday break but will recommence weekly for the rest of the trimester.

What is a PASS session?

PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) is an academic assistance program that involves regularly-scheduled study sessions throughout the trimester,  facilitated by peers.  All PASS sessions are held on-line via zoom & there are multiple sessions per week for each subject.   They are led by students that have previously completed the subject & have done well in it. You are able to ask questions, discuss concepts, get help with difficult topics, work through examples, review notes, share study strategies, prepare for exams and assessment tasks in a supportive relaxed environment.

T3 Subjects which offer PASS 

CRIM101              EDEE100               EDIT124

HLTH101              HLTH102              HLTH104

BIOL110               BIOL120                COSC110

LAW100                LAW101               LAW102

LSU100                 MM105                MM110

STAT100               WRIT101               PHIL102

Why should I attend PASS?

–          Weekly study sessions via Zoom   (via pass@une moodle)

–          Helps our students feel less isolated

–          Contact with other students and UNE

–          They’re led by students who have studied this subject previously  

–          Even if you are up to date with their studies,  you  may be able to help other students (particularly in these tough times)

–          If you are struggling with study or assignments or content –  it’s a relaxed session

 What do I need for a PASS session?

–          A computer/device –  to access the zoom sessions

–          pen & paper – to write any notes & tips

–          relevant unit resources e.g. textbook… It’s ok if you don’t have this handy, you can still join in!


How to learn more about T3 PASS:

–          Within the T3 PASS Subjects –  e.g. forum posts, leaders will introduce themselves, Unit Coordinators will mention it

–          PASS Instagram – passune1

–          PASS UNE-    Facebook

–          PASS Moodle site –  students in PASS subjects have access to this. They can access session times & zoom links here.  


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