tUNEup from Home Academic Writing Vacation Program running 28 September to 23 October; Self-enrol now to brush up on your study skills

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The tUNEup from home vacation program is an effective booster for beginning students AND for more advanced students experiencing difficulties with writing and referencing (e.g. paraphrasing, academic writing style, plagiarism, paragraphs, sentences, grammar, punctuation), study skills and online learning.  This FREE program is entirely online and runs for four weeks with plenty of time management flexibility. All first year, other year and repeat enrolments are accepted.


Some student comments about the benefits of participating in this program are:

  • I have never written academically before, so this has been an excellent resource. Learning how to reference, fine tuning my grammar, how to use Moodle etc. are all brilliant refreshers before I start my first course.
  • The resources offered are so helpful. The first time I did the tune-up course I had not done any university work. I learned a lot, but I had no way to put it into context. Now I have completed a few units, I can see where my weaknesses are, and this (second go of) tune-up has helped me enormously in seeing where I am challenged with some great ideas about how to address those problems. I am definitely much clearer on what a good essay requires.
  • I started the Tune up from home course earlier in the year and didn’t commit the time to complete it.  Feedback from the first essay I submitted shortly after was generally on my writing.  “Avoid using contractions in academic writing” was a regular comment.  I can readily estimate the points I needlessly forfeited from each of my early assessment tasks this year as a result not completing this program the first time!
  • I completed mine in two weeks.  I am new to study, and I wanted to aim to do something each day to get me into a rhythm for when my subject starts.



  • tUNEup from home 28 September to 23 October 2020  



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