Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Trimester 2 2020: Check to see if your unit is included!

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PASS sessions are starting up again after the mid-trimester break! Make sure to get involved and join a session, it is never too late to start!

What is a PASS session?

PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) is an academic assistance program that involves regularly-scheduled study sessions throughout the trimester,  facilitated by peers.  All PASS sessions are held on-line via zoom & there are multiple sessions per week for each subject.   They are led by students that have previously completed the subject & have done well in it. You are able to ask questions, discuss concepts, get help with difficult topics, work through examples, review notes, share study strategies, prepare for exams and assessment tasks in a supportive relaxed environment.

PASS (peer-assisted study sessions) is an academic assistance program that is available to students in Trimester 2, 2020 within the following units:

  • AMTH140
  • BIOL120
  • CHEM100
  • CHEM110
  • CRIM101
  • EDEE100
  • EDIT124
  • HLTH103
  • HLTH104
  • LAW100
  • LAW101
  • LSU100
  • MM105
  • MTHS110
  • MTHS120
  • HHSC112
  • PSYC102
  • RSNR120
  • STAT100
  • WRIT102

Sessions are open to all students enrolled in any of the above units and attendance is non- compulsory.  PASS leaders are previous students who have demonstrated competence in the subject in the previous trimester/year.

Due to concerns about the COVID-19 virus, all PASS sessions will be offered online only until further notice.

To join a PASS session, please log into the PASS@UNE Moodle site

How can you learn more about PASS?

  • Follow on Instagram  passune1 – PASS@UNE
  • Follow on Facebook- PASS UNE
  • Contact the team–
  • Ask Unit Coordinators
  • PASS@UNE Moodle
  • Keep an eye for them on UNE Facebook pages  e.g.  Bunker Down, UNE Agriculture, Student Success, UNE Science, UNE Colleges Support, UNE Business School

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