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Dear UNE Students,

Delivering a high-quality student experience has been identified as the key to the future direction of UNE by respondents to UNE 21+.

Since it was launched five weeks ago, 800+ people have contributed to the online platform exploring the University’s future.

This is the first time our students have had the opportunity to help shape UNE’s strategic plan and I was heartened by your enthusiasm and constructive response.

The feedback to date has looked at our strengths and weaknesses and what our future priorities might be. You can access a high-level summary of the 1450 contributions, seven online group discussions, and 500 survey results here.

Based on this feedback, we have developed some key questions around issues where we need your thoughts and ideas. The responses to these will help to further shape and refine the genesis of our next strategic plan.

I encourage you to remain part of the conversation and to have your say on the new questions at the UNE 21+ Join the Conversation website, which will be live until the end of August.

You are also invited to provide further input by participating in a student only online discussion on the 26th August. Further details and registration links can be found on the UNE 21+ Join the Conversation website.

Thank you again for engaging with and contributing to UNE 21+; I look forward to continuing the conversation.

Warmest regards,

Professor Brigid Heywood
Vice-Chancellor & CEO
University of New England