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The last date to withdraw for Trimester 2, 2020, is the 31st August 2020.  We know that circumstances might have changed after census date, so we have put some support options together in case you need them!


To request an extension for an assessment,  for all schools except the School of Science and Technology and the School of Law and some Humanities units, you will need to contact the Unit Coordinator as soon as possible before the due date.

Law: If you require an extension for an assessment within a law unit  (units with a LAW, LSSU and LLM prefix), you will need to request an extension directly with the School of Law.

Science & Technology: If you require an extension for an assessment in a unit offered through the School of Science and Technology, you will need to request an extension directly with the School of Science and Technology.

HASS (some subjects): If you are enrolled in units in English, Media & Communications, Writing, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Theatre & Performance (units with codes ENGL, COMM, WRIT, CHIN, FREN, GRMN, INDN, ITAL, JAPN, SPAN, CIJ, THEA, ARTS), you must email your request before the due date to ect-ext@une.edu.au. More information on these can be found here.

As requests for extensions are approved at the discretion of your Unit Coordinator or the relevant School, your request should include:

  • A planned submission date for the assessment item; and
  • Any supporting documentation which may be relevant (i.e. medical certificates).

If you require an extension of more than 2 or 3 weeks for an assessment item due to special circumstances, you may apply for a Special Extension of Time.

Remission/Refund of Fees:

If, for whatever reason you need to withdraw from your unit, you will receive a W grade if you do so before 31st of August 2020. As we have passed census, you will still incur the fees. However, if you’re withdrawing due to special circumstances then you can apply for Remission.

A remission is the cancellation of a HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP debt for a unit and a refund is the cancellation of full fee for a unit (if you have paid fees upfront). If a remission or refund is approved, and you have received a fail grade for the unit, the grade will be amended to Withdrawn (W). This process is only available for students who remained enrolled in a unit beyond the census date for that teaching period, where due to their special circumstances, they were unable to complete the compulsory requirements of that unit.

To apply for a remission or refund of fees, you will need to complete the Application for Remission of Debt in Special Circumstances online form. You must attach independent, relevant documentation to support the claim.

Personal Support:

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just not yourself and think it would help to speak with someone, we’d encourage you to book a phone appointment with the UNE Counselling Team.

The counselling team currently comprises professionally qualified and registered psychologists.  They’re here to provide you with the support you need to succeed in your studies at UNE. We know that study does not occur in a vacuum and that things can happen which impact on your ability to be as focused, motivated, satisfied or organised as you normally would be. If you’re unsure how to talk to those around you about your concerns, it can be helpful to run things past a counsellor. You might want to tackle personal concerns such as relationships (with friends, work colleagues, partners, family), manage stress, adjust to being at university, talk about home sickness, a sudden loss or crisis/trauma, low mood or depression, or whether to study or not.

To book an appointment phone (02) 6773 2897. (Monday–Friday: 9.00 am–4.00pm). This service is completely free & confidential. 

Student Access & Inclusion:

The Student Access & Inclusion Office (SA&I) is here to create an inclusive learning environment for UNE’s diverse population of students.

They provide support and assistance for students affected by a huge variety of situations and needs including injuries, chronic illness, disability, learning difficulties, mental health needs, domestic violence or other health conditions. They’re also here to assist students who are carers of family members with a disability or health condition. You can read more about different situations that Student Access & Inclusion can assist with on their webpage

If you’re wondering whether they could assist you, give the team a ring. Our friendly team are happy to chat with you about your circumstances and how they may be able to assist you. To discuss your situation, you can make a phone appointment by calling 02 6773 2897. If you’re more comfortable with emails, you can send a confidential email to accessinclusion@une.edu.au 

Financial Assistance:

We understand that as COVID-19 continues to have impacts across the globe, changes close to home to things like working hours, childcare requirements, study supplies and more can potentially raise financial pressures. Any student seeking financial assistance is welcome to send an email to the Advocacy & Welfare Team at advocacy@une.edu.au or phone on (02) 6773 3116.

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