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If you withdrew from a Trimester 1, 2020 unit before the last date to withdraw without academic penalty (May 29th) and applied for a credit of your fees, you should have received an email to your student account on Tuesday, providing some more information about how this process will work. 

Student Success is currently working through a large number of applications, and is processing these as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience in this difficult and challenging time. 

You can find answers to FAQs about this process below, and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

You can contact the Student Success Team on (02) 6773 2000 or if you prefer, you can schedule a time that suits you and we’ll call you back. 

Q – How does the future discount work?
A – The offer is a discount on a future enrolment. Think of it like a voucher; because of the impact of COVID-19 we are giving you a voucher that you can use for a similar product (another unit enrolment) in the future.

Q – What is the value of my voucher?
A – The value will be equivalent to the cost of the unit/s you withdrew from. This means your student contribution amount for the unit/s. If you paid upfront it will be equivalent to the upfront cost. If you deferred your fees to HELP, it will be the equivalent of your HELP liability for those unit/s.

Q – Is there anything I need to do to make sure that the voucher is applied?
A – No. You just need to enrol. We will make sure the voucher is automatically applied to your next unit enrolment (until census date T2, 2021).

Q – Can I get these unit fees refunded?
A – UNE is not refunding your unit fees from Trimester 1. We are offering you a discount on future unit enrolments (until census date T2, 2021).

Q – What if I have incurred a HELP debt for these unit/s, does this still apply?
A – Yes, UNE is not refunding your Trimester 1 fees so your HELP debt will stand. You will receive a future discount on your future HELP liability at an equivalent rate (the cost of your student HELP contribution).

Q – Does this include the Student Services and Amenities Fee portion of my unit?
A – No. Only the unit fees, the Student Services and Amenities Fee is not included.

Q – Can I ask for this voucher to be applied to specific unit/s in the future?
A – You cannot specify which unit/s we apply the discount to. We will automatically apply it to the next unit/s that you enrol in (until census date T2, 2021).

Q – How long do I have to use the voucher?
A – You have until Trimester 2, 2021. Any unused vouchers after the census date for Trimester 2, 2021 will expire.

Q – What happens if the voucher only covers part of my unit cost?
A – If there is a shortfall between the value of the voucher and the cost of your next unit then you will need to pay for the difference (either upfront or through HELP. This will depend on your fee type and regular payment options).

Q – Do I have to use the full value of the voucher in a single enrolment period?
A – You can, but you have until the expiry date to use it all (census date Trimester 2, 2021). If you enrol and don’t use the full value of your voucher, we’ll automatically carry any unused amounts forward until the value of the voucher is used in full or the expiry date passes.

Q – Can I get a voucher for a withdrawal from a unit I have not fully paid for?
A – You can, but you will have to ensure your outstanding fees are paid in full first. Remember we are not refunding your fees so any existing debt will need to be paid before we can offer you the voucher.

Q – Can I use the voucher for unpaid unit fees from Trimester 1 2020?
A – The offer is for a future enrolment only. All current unit fees need to be fully paid before the voucher can be granted.

Q – Are Enabling or TRACKS students eligible?
A – No. You must have incurred a unit fee in order to be eligible for this voucher.

Q – What happens if I apply, or applied, for a remission on a T1 2020 unit that I received a voucher for?
A – You can’t get both a remission and a voucher for the same unit/s. If you receive a remission for a unit you will not be eligible for a voucher on the same unit.