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What’s happening?

UNE is calling for nominations from eligible students for the Student Representative position on UNE Council. The Student Representative may be an undergraduate or postgraduate student and will fill the role for 2 years, commencing mid-October 2020.

 What is involved in being the UNE Council Student Representative?

Students who are considering nominating for election to the Council should be aware of the duties and responsibilities of Council membership consistent with Schedule 2A of the UNE Act 1993 and the requirement for members of governing bodies to be fit and proper persons as outlined in clause 6.1 (2) of the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015.

For more information about responsibilities, please visit the UNE Council webpages.

What does this mean for me?

If you are eligible to nominate for this position, you should have received an email to your UNE student email address.

Nominations close at 5:00 pm AEST, Wednesday 17 June 2020.

Should there be more than one eligible nomination for the position, an election will be required and voting is expected to commence on or around the 24 June 2020.

Key Information

For for the most up to date, key information please visit the Council election page of the UNE website or email