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What’s Happening?  

During June and July, ITD will be undertaking a program of work to replace the current Multifunction Devices with a new fleet of machines, provided by Fuji Xerox Australia. This will require that staff from ITD and Fuji Xerox attend site to replace our existing units with the new models 

What does this mean for me?  

At this stage, there should be minimal interruption to services (during the switchover and configuration of the new device).  

What do I need to do?  

Once the new device has been installed and configured, you will need to register your card on the new device. 

 To do this: 

  1. Swipe your card against the card reader on the left side of the device. 
  2. Following the on-screen prompts, enter your username (e.g. “” or “”) and password. 
  3. Press OK. You will see a confirmation message to indicate whether registration has been successful. 
  4. If you are a student, you will need to create an account with our new payments provider. Once all machines have been installed, any outstanding balances from existing accounts will be transferred these new accounts. We will provide instructions for students on how to do this separately, closer to the time of switchover.

Further communication will be forthcoming regarding this process as we proceed through the rollout across the campus.