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Peer led study groups provide opportunity for student to meet up with a senior student each week to discuss content and requirements of their units. You are able to ask questions, discuss concepts, get help with difficult topics, work through examples, review notes, share study strategies, prepare for exams and assessment tasks in a supportive relaxed environment.

PASS (peer-assisted study sessions) is an academic assistance program that is available to students in Trimester 1, 2020 within the following units:

  • MTHS 120
  • CHEM 100
  • MM 110
  • RSNR 110
  • EDEE 100
  • SOCY 100
  • WRIT 101
  • CRIM 100
  • CRIM 104
  • HSNS 170

Sessions are open to all students enrolled in any of the above units and attendance is non- compulsory.  PASS leaders are previous students who have demonstrated competence in the subject in the previous trimester/year.

Due to concerns about the COVID-19 virus, all PASS sessions will be offered online only until further notice.

To join a PASS session, please log into the PASS@UNE Moodle site

If you have any questions or wanted more information, please contact

If you are a member of the Business school, there is also an additional peer mentor program. You can find information on this here.