Careers Online Toolkit: Log in now to start your career development from home!

Published On April 10, 2020 | By Alana | Getting Started, News, Online Toolkit, Resources

Are you a full time student or new to the workforce?
Now that many of us are a spending a lot more time at home, it’s a perfect time to work on your employability and career development. The Careers Toolkit is a program useful for any age or year of study, from first year students to those completing their final year of study and seeking to move into the workforce. There are also resources for those who have recently graduated and are searching and applying for roles. Some of the great features of the toolkit that you can take advantage of right now are:

CV360 / CV Builder

If you’ve never developed a CV before, the CV builder has some templates to help you get started. If you already have  a CV or have completed a draft from the template, you are able to upload it to CV360 and receive feedback on how to improve it.

Interview Simulator

The interview simulator allows you to take a mock interview and work on your body language and interview techniques so you are able to feel prepared for your next interview. There are also some commonly asked interview questions to go through.

Career Pulse

This is a short assessment activity, where you can assess yourself on key employment areas. The rating you receive will allow the platform to suggest resources and topics to help improve your employment skills. You can then work through those personalized resources to become a more competitive candidate in your field

Self – Awareness

One of the most interesting parts of the toolkit is the self awareness tile.  This section takes you through the process of self discovery: learning about your tendencies, preferences, strengths and weaknesses. There are fun quizzes to complete and you get to learn about yourself. By learning about yourself, you are able to understand what jobs are most suitable for you and speak confidently about yourself in cover letters, CV’s and interviews.

Cover Letter Builder

A cover letter is used to explain why you are applying, why you would be suitable for the job and encourages the employer to look at your CV. If you aren’t sure how to create a cover letter and what it should entail, the cover letter builder takes you through each step and gives some helpful tips about what employers are looking for. There is also an information section which explains why cover letters are necessary.

Some other things you might find interesting:

– Job-search function: This function allows you to search for national and international jobs.
– Career pathways: Real life career stories which reveal the inside view of a range of roles.
– Aptitude tests: Tests including numeracy, logic, critical thinking etc

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2 Responses to Careers Online Toolkit: Log in now to start your career development from home!

  1. John Downs says:

    How come the link you provide to log into Careers Toolkit is different to the one provided here: under “UNE Careers Toolkit”.

    The latter one is the only one I can actually log into because it asks for my UNE student username and password, whereas the other one asks for email and password (which doesn’t work if I try my UNE username and password.

    Can you help with this?

    • Alana says:

      Hi John,
      Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’re not sure what’s going wrong, but will be following this up with the Careers Toolkit team after the long weekend. In the meantime, we’ve corrected the link so hopefully everything will work smoothly now. If you encounter troubles at the point of log in, you’ll be best to contact IT support for assistance. Have a lovely weekend 🙂
      – Alana

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