Census Date: Confused or uncertain? Stay informed about your options and the support available to you throughout the trimester

Published On March 21, 2020 | By Amy | Latest News, News

So, Census Date is coming up on Monday 23rd March, but everything feels very up-in-the-air at the moment, and you’re not sure what the right decision is for your enrolment this trimester. 

We hear you. We understand that these are stressful times for everyone and that your reality today may look very different tomorrow. 

Given this, we strongly believe that knowledge is power, and more importantly, that knowledge can empower. Which is how we’d like you all to feel. Empowered by the knowledge that you have all the facts you need to make a decision that best suits your situation. 

As the COVID-19 situation develops in Australia and across the globe, you can stay up to date with the latest UNE news on the Coronavirus Information page using the Information for Students tile. Please be assured that we are committed to working with you throughout the trimester to minimise any negative impact to your studies as we all adapt to the latest information from the federal government.

You can find information and links under the relevant headings below, but if you can’t find what you need or it’s all a bit too confusing or overwhelming then please do give us a ring on (02) 6773 2000 and we’ll help you out. You can also catch us by email through AskUNELive Chat or through Facebook or Instagram!


Personal Support

As you’ll see below, there are plenty of options available with regards to your academics depending on what you’ve been experiencing. We can help you figure this out if you need, but your safety and wellbeing is always the most important thing.

Our Counselling Team are available to provide personal and emotional support over the phone or via Zoom, so if you’d like to speak with someone we invite you to arrange an appointment by phoning (02) 6773 2897. 

If you are in need of urgent support outside of office hours, you can contact the UNE After Hours Crisis Support Line by phoning 1300 661 927 or texting 0488 884 169. You can find a helpful service directory here


Proceeding with your studies:

Special Extensions of Time

If you have an assessment due and won’t be able to submit due to reasons beyond your control, you could look into applying for a Special Extension of Time. 


All paper-based exams for Trimester 1 have been cancelled. All exams will either be transferred to other modes of assessment, or offered online

Most exams are already offered online and you can identify if your exams is online already by checking Moodle. UNE is considering alternatives for students who are unable to access their exams online.  The online exam period will occur between 9th to 19th June. You can read more about this on our Exams Announcement blog, and more information will follow in the next week.

Special Exams 

If, down the track, you find you’re unable to sit your scheduled Examination for reasons beyond your control, you can apply for a Special Examination.

Special Consideration

If unexpected circumstances impact you whilst you’re completing an assessment or exam, you can apply for Special Considerations. This allows your marker to take your situation into consideration when marking your work. Check out the online form for more information. 


If you need to withdraw from units later:

Remission of Fees

If your circumstances change following the Census Date, and this results in you being unable to continue with your studies, you can apply for a Remission of Fees. This application can recover your fees for the unit, and if you have been enrolled past the 4th May (last date to withdraw without academic penalty), then a successful Remission of Fees application will remove any fail grade from your transcript. You can read more about the types circumstances and required supporting documentation on the online form.

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4 Responses to Census Date: Confused or uncertain? Stay informed about your options and the support available to you throughout the trimester

  1. Shar Sadeghi says:

    Other universities have delayed census dates, as there is the potential risk that students may have to withdraw due to a number of reasons regarding the current situation. UNE has been particularly harsh in recent years with regards to deferred exams, notably within the Pharmacy stream, so providing students sufficient time to weigh up the risks ve benefits of staying enrolled this trimeter is essential.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Shar,
      The Census Date for Trimester 1 remains Monday 23rd March, today. However, please be assured that as above, if your circumstances change or you receive new information (including information from the university about unit or exam specifics) after the Census Date has passed which impacts your ability to proceed with the unit, then you could apply for a Remission of Fees to seek recovery of your fees for a Trimester 1 unit.
      The university is committed to working with all students to ensure that no one is disadvantaged as a result of changes due to COVID-19. You can find all of the latest information and updates here: https://www.une.edu.au/coronavirus-information
      Kind regards,

  2. Wendy Rintala says:

    Hi I am currently enrolled in Law contracts 11 – which due to curriculum changes will not be offered next year. Therefore, if I am not able to complete this unit this semester – because of the new curriculum – I will need to repeat (undertake the new) contract 1 before I can undertake the new contract 11.
    I am a health care worker who, because of the Covid-19 crisis have been required to increase my hours at work in order to meet the planning demands that need to be in place before the patient surge hits all health services. This workload demand is only going to increase in the coming weeks with very little down time due to the unprecedented demand that will be placed on health services. Long days and extra shifts will be the norm as we work to try to meet the overwhelming demand that we know is coming.

    Normally I would simply defer until the crisis is over – however if this unit is no longer to be offered – this means that I will have to re-enrol in contracts 1 – in order to be able to complete the new contracts 11.

    My request is that the current contracts 11 be reoffered when the Covid-19 crisis is over.

    Census date is today – therefore I am faced with the following choices:-

    1. Withdraw from my contracts 11 unit and repeat contracts 1 next year – a unit I have already paid for and successfully passed.

    2. Don’t withdraw and hope that advice is eventually received that contracts 11 will be reoffered. If that advice eventuates – then withdraw late – so I can concentrate of providing the health service that is required -and hope for a positive outcome with my fee refund request.

    3. Don’t withdraw and if advice is eventually received that the unit is not offered next year – try to find time to manage double shifts with study. If this becomes unsustainable – apply for fee relief for this year but ‘repeat’ and pay for the new contracts 1 next year.

    Given that the online coursework exists, including the online lectures and tutorials which could be offered to students next trimester – the assignment and exam questions would be the only aspects of the course that would need to be changed – I am hopeful that advocacy can be made to see this unit repeated once the Covid-19 crisis has passed.

  3. Murdoch Anderson says:

    Not good

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