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Lectures for Trimester 1, 2020 begin today, March 2nd. 

If you are already enrolled, be sure to log into your Moodle pages this week to plan out your trimester and get started with your content. If you haven’t seen them yet, you might find one of our 2020 Wall planners comes in handy. 

If you’re not yet enrolled, it’s time to ensure that your study plans are in place for the trimester. Enrolment for Trimester 1 will close next Monday, March 9. If you are intending to study in Trimester 1, you can follow the steps here to add units to your enrolment. 

If you’re a new UNE student, whether online or on campus, make sure to work through your UNE101 Moodle and get familiar with the Library, Academic Skills Office, IT Support available and more.

If you have a local university library, you can check out how to borrow from them at You can also score some free wifi, on any participating campus, using eduroam. Have a look to see whether you’re near any of our UNE Study Centres, or CUC Study Centres for great study facilities and a space to meet other students. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, if you need tutoring you can apply for the Targeted Tutorial Assistance program. You can also talk to Oorala Aboriginal Centre all manner of topics including what scholarships are available to you.

One last thing, all students need to complete the Academic Integrity Module. If you haven’t done so, you won’t be able to submit your assignments. So make sure to complete this as soon as possible!