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The UNE Careers Toolkit is an online platform with a wide range of resources to assist you in preparing for life after or alongside your study. Resources cover workplace skills, CV development, job interview preparation, networking and much more!

All current UNE staff and students can access the toolkit, no matter where you’re at in your studies. Graduates are also able to access the platform by updating your email details as you complete your studies. 

To access the Careers Toolkit, please visit the webpage here, and use your UNE username and password (as you would for myUNE or Moodle). 

If you prefer to access things on a mobile device, there’s also an app that you can download here

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be covering elements of the Careers Toolkit in greater depth for different student audiences , so keep an eye out for Career Toolkit Tuesday posts to learn more about how the Toolkit can work for you!

For now, feel free to hop in and have a look around. If you have any questions about the platform, you can email with the Subject Title: Careers Toolkit.

If you are seeking any information about career support, you can contact