This post contains links to media articles featuring SiMERR that occurred before starting this blog.

January 2009

Global minds meet to improve education in the bush (16/1/09)The world’s first international symposium on improving and developing equity in rural education will be hosted by Armidale’s University of New England next month.

Keynote speakers from around the world will attend the four day event, which offers an international forum for sharing research findings, innovative ideas and evaluated approaches to boost education in the bush.

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June 2008

Low marks for computers in schools (18/6/08)The digital education revolution remains a long way off, with a report suggesting the use of computers in schools is limited, largely ineffective and teachers are sceptical about their application.

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May 2008

Students from 28 schools compete in Year 8 Maths Day (19/5/08)About 80 educators met at the University of New England last week to discuss challenges and celebrate innovations in the teaching of gifted and talented students.

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Educators meet to discuss teaching the most talented (5/5/08)

Nearly 200 students from 28 schools throughout northern NSW put their mathematical skills to the test last Friday as they competed in the annual Year 8 Mathematics Day at the University of New England.

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April 2008

World network of teacher educators meets at UNE (24/4/08)A four-day international seminar at the University of New England is nurturing professional links between teacher educators from 26 countries.

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Report recommends programs to boost high-level maths (9/4/08)

A project report released yesterday by the Federal Minister for Education, Julia Gillard, recommends the establishment of support programs for senior school students capable of – but not achieving – high levels of competence in mathematics.

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Early maths experiences key to future participation (8/4/08)

According to the media release released by the Hon Julia Gillard MP, Minister for Education and Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, “Poor experiences in junior secondary maths classes are resulting in too few students taking up higher mathematics in later years, according to a new report released today by the Minister for Education.”

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January 2008

Maths teachers seek answers (11/1/08)

ALMOST 200 of the country’s best mathematics teachers gathered at the University of New England (UNE) this week for the inaugural Summer School for Teachers of Mathematics.

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November 2007

An animated experience for gifted school students (26/11/07)

Sixty Gifted and Talented school students from around New England and north-west NSW travelled to the University of New England earlier this month to become film-makers for a day.

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October 2007

Primary children create an animated event at UNE (15/10/07)

The University of New England’s “Animating Learning” project, which has enabled children from four remote New England primary schools to project the magic of their imaginations onto the big screen, has culminated in an “Animations Premiere” at UNE.

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September 2007

School study reveals conditions for ‘exceptional outcomes’ (28/9/07)

Seven books that analyse the conditions leading to “exceptional outcomes” in secondary education are being delivered to every high school in NSW.

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UNE succeeds in national Summer Schools bid (13/9/07)

The University of New England has won a multi-million-dollar contract to manage two of the Australian Government’s new Summer Schools for Teachers.

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July 2007

UNE helps to animate rural classrooms (30/7/07)

Four rural New England primary schools have embarked on a project that will make available to them a whole new medium of storytelling: animation.

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June 2007

Educators ready for ‘next step’ in ‘narrowing the gap’ (20/6/07)

A GROUNDBREAKING mathematics and literacy booster program developed at the University of New England is already achieving positive results at its latest testing ground, Minimbah Aboriginal Primary School.

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Remote students lagging in maths (20/6/07)

MATHS students in remote areas of Australia are falling behind their overseas counterparts, with an international ranking showing them below US children and on a par with those in Italy, Portugal and Croatia.

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May 2007

Educators ready for ‘next step’ in ‘narrowing the gap’ (1/5/07)

According to leading educationists from abroad, an Australia-wide program to “narrow the gap” between high and low achievers in Australian schools, particularly in rural and regional areas, is “poised for the next step”.

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December 2006

Students map their way to clearer thinking (13/12/06)

After a 12-month trial, schoolteachers and their students have strongly endorsed the use of visual techniques that promote more systematic thinking in science and mathematics.

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November 2006

Successful school program attracts more government funding (17/11/06)

Research supporting an intervention program that has helped more than 600 middle-school students to improve their basic reading and calculating skills has just received a further grant of $78,000 from the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST).

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UNE hosts Taiwanese academics (10/11/06)

The University of New England has hosted a flying visit by Taiwanese academics from the National Pingtung University of Education.

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Rural students are global stragglers (3/11/06)

School students in rural [Australian] areas are lagging behind their city counterparts in maths and science, scoring at the same level as children in Slovenia, Armenia and Cyprus. An analysis of academic achievement across Australia reveals that the top-performing students, based in capital cities, are masking the poor results of those in regional and rural Australia.

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August 2006

UNE researcher heads international science education body (14/8/06)

Dr Terry Lyons from The University of New England has been elected Chair of the International Organisation for Science and Technology Education (IOSTE).

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July 2006

Bridging the education gap (26/7/06)

The results of a major survey in to rural and regional education were released in Armidale last week by the Federal Minister for Education, Science and Training, Julie Bishop.

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Teachers are the answer (21/7/06)

Teacher skills, training and resources quality hold the key to lifting the performance of rural students in major subjects, according to Federal Minister for Education, Science and Training, Julie Bishop.

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June 2006

Under-achievers at school learn to ‘trust their heads’ (28/6/06)

Researchers at the Unversity of New England have just received government funding of almost half a million dollars to extend a learning intervention program that has been helping under-achieving school students to “trust their heads”.

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May 2006

School students get enthusiastic about maths (31/5/06)

Year 8 students from 27 schools throughout Northern NSW had a chance to share their enthusiasm for mathematics during a day of competitive teamwork at the University of New England recently.

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